Why we're dedicated to The Ted Manson Foundation


For 42 years Ted Manson has taken great pride in building a better Auckland by developing leading edge residential and commercial buildings that enhance the city-scape and provide Aucklanders with a better quality of life.

Ted has also consistently but quietly, provided substantial financial support to numerous charities, sports and community organisations over many years. To mark the 40th Anniversary of Mansons and Ted’s 60th birthday, Ted formed the Ted Manson Foundation to make a difference and to help those in need. The Foundation will enable a more co-ordinated and larger scale contribution to the Auckland Community.

Ted donated $7,500,000 to the Ted Manson Foundation in July 2014 and in the first year alone the foundation received over 200 applications for funding. Ted met with most of the charity’s who’d asked for help along with CYF’s, Ministry of Community Development, Manukau Police, Housing New Zealand and many Community Housing Providers. After going through this process Ted realised to make a real difference, it was going to be difficult to deal with so many charities. However it became obvious that one of the greatest areas of need was Community Housing and with property being Ted’s expertise after many years of buying, building, renovating and selling thousands of houses and apartments, Ted realised this was where he could make a real difference. 


Our Vision


Housing has the potential to connect, grow and strengthen communities. The Ted Manson Foundation will now be a part of this. The Foundations aim is to provide long term housing to those New Zealanders who are struggling. We want to provide robust, safe, warm, healthy homes with long term security.

Teds vision is to form a long-lasting partnership with the Ministry of Community Development, different Community Housing Providers and likeminded agencies to house those people most in need. The biggest demand for Community Housing are 1b and 2b apartments and 5b houses. The TMF will concentrate on building 1b and 2b apartments. The TMF will provide the money and time to find and purchase land, work through the design process, obtain the necessary consents, and then build the apartments to be used for Community Housing. The location of these developments will generally be West and South Auckland given the high demand in these areas. These sites will be strategically chosen for their proximity to public transport, (buses and trains), the open space network as well as proximity and access to services, goods and employment opportunities.

Ted Manson with the Foundation and Mansons TCLM will use its 42 years of expertise, knowledge and understanding of the residential market in Auckland to make this happen. The Foundation will work with Community Housing Providers who understand the needs of the community while providing their wrap around services and also providing a tenancy management role upon completion.  


Our Goals


1. The Foundation will spend 90% of its resources and funding on building 92 apartments on 40-42 Liverpool St Auckland Central and 165 Apartments on 6 Waikumete Rd in Glen Eden by July 2019. A total of 163 will be kept by the Foundation but dedicated to Community Housing for a minimum of 25 years. Over this 25 year period the TMF will be responsible for the exterior of the buildings, services, common areas and apartment upgrades when necessary. On completion of the 25 year period the building will be completely refurbished so the process can commence again.

2. The remaining 10% of the Foundations resources will be spent on providing financial support to a number of other charities it has worked with over the last 20 years.

3. Work with the Ministry of Community Development to increase the supply of Community Housing in Auckland over the next 20 years. Our immediate goal is to build over 300 apartments for Community Housing by 2022.

4. To create robust, healthy and well maintained mixed tenure developments which connect, grow and strengthen communities.

5. Each development will have a Homestar rating. This will ensure the development achieves a higher standard than that required under the Building Code and residents will notice a real difference in terms of better warmth, dryness, health and water efficiency. 


How our vision will be achieved


Since the Foundations inception Ted has spent a significant amount of time meeting with numerous Community Housing and Community Service providers

1. Working with the Ministry of Community Housing to create a long lasting successful partnership.

2. Working with various Community Housing Providers to create successful developments which ensure strong, healthy and sustainable communities.

3. The Foundation will continue to financially support a number of different charities.

4. The Foundation will continue to look for future opportunities with development potential for S/H so it can immediately start construction of two new developments on completion of the first two.


Our Model


The Ted Manson Foundation will build and own the Liverpool Street and Waikumete Road developments. Compass Housing Services NZ is a registered community housing provider, and will provide onsite property and tenancy management services for community housing tenants in these new homes in addition to facilitating any support services they may need.

The Ministry of Community Development will lease the community housing apartments directly from the Ted Manson Foundation and sublease them to Compass Housing Services NZ. The duration of this lease is 25 years. This is a new funding framework being trialled in Auckland that seeks to increase private sector investment in the development of community housing.  

Tenants in community housing pay no more than 25 per cent of their income in rent. The remaining rental cost of community houses is funded by the Ministry of Community Development through the Income-Related Rent Subsidy that pays the balance between the tenant’s rental payment and the market rent for the property. This costs more than $800 million annually.


Our People


Ted Manson


Gary Young
Development Manager


Sam Colgan
Manager - Community Housing Projects


Stuart Porteous
Quantity Surveyor