Our community housing development in Glen Eden

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6 Waikumete Road, Glen Eden
June 2017

The site is directly north of the Glen Eden town centre and directly west of the Glen Eden railway station (100m away) with the rail line passing alongside the site. The town centre has a range of retail and community services including a library, post office, RSA branch, cafes a theatre and banks. Directly to the north of the site is Glen Eden primary school and the extensive grounds of Waikumete Reserve. The site has been purchased due to its strategic location and high demand for community housing. We consider this development as having the potential to be a local landmark and acting as an impetus to the regeneration of the Glen Eden town centre. This exciting project will see a total of 165 residential units built as well as ground floor commercial space fronting Glenview Road.

Development Breakdown:
Total housing units – 165 of which 90 will be allocated for Communtiy Housing as below.

- 41 x 1 bedroom apartments   (ranging from 44m2-49m2 plus 7m2 balcony)
- 49 x 2 bedroom apartments   (ranging from 58m2-76m2 plus 7m2 balcony)

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Architects Statement

Elissa McCambridge and Joe McCambridge from MC2

“Glen Eden is a suburb to the west of Auckland. It is one of a number of suburbs connecting the city of Auckland with the West Coast. The project is situated in an infrastructural node with the western rail line passing next to the site and Glen Eden Railway station less than 100m away. Single family houses and small scale housing projects dominate this region, creating a context which accentuates the exceptional height and volume of the project. The proposed development contains 165 units of one and two bedroom apartments and townhouses. The challenge has been to balance the height of the development with generous and attractive public green spaces on the podium’s horizontal and vertical surfaces and at key junctions along ground floor levels.

The key design element of the project is a landscaped podium in which the two separate towers are extended as elements. The juxtaposed shape of the towers is derived from optimizing the floor plans according to views and sun while creating diagonal views in between and around the towers. This layout gives special volumetric qualities – letting the light and shade gradually shift around the facades, an effect which will be further emphasized by the cladding variations which reflect the light differently as one moves past the building. On the podium level the landscape integrates with social meeting places, BBQ and seating facilities positioned under pergolas, generous entrance portals and communal gathering spaces.

Internally each apartment has an integrated balcony or, as in the case of the podium apartments, a private garden. We consciously designed balconies with large windows, configured apartment interiors free of corridors which waste valuable space, devised dual aspect apartments where possible, designed minimum internal heights of 2.7m and exposed the precast concrete T ceiling structure as an architectural element in the apartments. Internally the public corridor spaces are designed with natural light at both ends to ensure that the inhabitants of the building are always walking towards a natural light source.

We have opted for a high performance façade using a pre-fabricated rain screen with composite wood, cement and metal panels which hang from a reinforced concrete frame. The external cladding system is lightweight, providing colour and texture with sustainability as one of the main drivers. This lightweight high performance façade reduces the overall weight of the building and hence reduces the structural loads.

Finally, we created commercial space as well as a row of 6 townhouses at the base of the building, injecting a mixture of use into the scheme, which we feel is vital to any new urban setting.

At every stage we prioritized the needs of the end user, designing for individuals and families who would be setting up their homes here. The result is a project with its own identity and a series of spaces that can be enjoyed now and in the future”.